An eclectic collection of voiceover samples that defy easy categorisation – but showcase Emma’s range of vocal talents.

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A terrifying queen

Recreating an ancient Greek play

Oxford University’s papyrology project needed a voice to help recreate an ancient Greek play, a fragment of which was found in a rubbish dump. Effectively, Emma’s voice had to fill an ancient Greek hole.

Hear Emma showing signs of a tropical disease…

In this film for the Royal Botanical Gardens by Pilar Mata Dupont, Emma gets malaria.

I can only give a “thumb up” for so many reasons: professional, competent, available, responsive, efficient…and always with a smile! As far as I remember, not any bad surprise in 15 years. Our only hope: to go on like that for many more years…
Jean-Cyrille Renaud – Directeur Associé, Atoo Media, France.


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