When you say numbers out loud…they become WORDS!

img-thingSome customers (who want corporate, non-broadcast, non-advertising, in-house jobs doing) want to pay voiceovers on a per word basis, with the usage license fee added on top. For some customers, for some projects, sometimes, this is sometimes appropriate.* I was in negotiation with one such customer over one such project when this happened.

Me: So…what about numbers? You count numbers as words, right?

Customer: Umm…nope.



Me: God, you’re not joking are you?

Customer: Nope. Numbers aren’t words are they?

Me: Well, they are when you say them out loud.

Customer: No they’re not.

Me: Yes they are.

Customer: They’re not words. They’re symbols.

Me: OK, let me set you a challenge. Try saying a symbol…OUT LOUD.

Customer: Now you’re being ridiculous.

So always count numbers as words, kids…because when you say them they become WORDS!! Magic, isn’t it?

Needless to say, I didn’t accept the gig.

* Sometimes.

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