Emma Clarke is a talented and experienced comedy and drama writer, whose work has been broadcast on television and radio. She also writes books, podcasts and opinion pieces.

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Clearing the Air

CLEARING THE AIR is a stupid comedy podcast about the rigmarole of getting radio advertisements cleared for broadcast. It’s written and performed by Emma, features her pal Taff Girdlestone and is produced by Rik Watson.

Here’s an episode. Enjoy!

Reviews for Clearing the Air

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“Hilarious! Comedy gold!”
Claire Grainger
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“Brilliantly funny! I could listen to Claudette Bewley all day (providing she’s not talking to or about me).”
Luke McPeake – Clearing The Air fan
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“This podcast is genuinely funny. Within the first minute I was already laughing out loud, getting some weird looks from people nearby. I have listened to a lot of “comedy” podcasts but nothing that constantly makes me chuckle like this does. Everything about it is genius – the writing, the character, the audio itself…well done ‘Claudette Bewley’ you are my new hero!”
Shelly Smith – Clearing The Air fan

When We Got To The Seventh

WHEN WE GOT TO THE SEVENTH is a podcast story series written and performed by Emma. Each story is about reaching the seventh thing…it could be a marriage, a planet, an answerphone message, a hotel guest – anything, anywhere at any point in time. It’s (mainly) produced by Rik Watson.

Here’s the trailer for Season 1.

Reviews for When We Got To The Seventh

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“When We Got To The Seventh’ is an exceptional podcast series. From the melancholy of a lost world to the malevolence of an overpowering mother, the stories are captivating from the first second to the last. The production is also excellent supporting the narrative seamlessly but never overpowering it. Emma inhabits each character with total believability and the writing is crisp and concise so that you are hanging on every word. 5 stars – I cannot wait to hear more episodes.”
Tim Nice – When We Got To The Seventh fan
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“Wonderful! Just want I like to listen to when I’m working. Succinct little movies for the ears.”
Jared Pegler
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“This program is truly staggering in its quality. As a fan of old radio programs, this one hits all the right notes. Exquisite production, top notch voice work, clever and gripping stories…I can’t recommend it highly enough!”
Cory Funk


Emma has come up with the format for an impressions show. Unlikely conversations in unlikely places, between unlikely celebrities.

As the Unlikely website says: “Come on. We’ve all imagined it: Donald Trump and Zippy from Rainbow in a sauna. Sean Bean and Cher shopping in Ikea. Russell Crowe and Dame Maggie Smith at a service station on the M6. Anyone famous with anyone else famous, absolutely anywhere, doing absolutely anything.

Now’s the time to turn dreams…into unlikely reality.

Emma’s Books

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Click a book to read more.

Blurred Roses – A story of love and violence.

Blurred Roses is a compelling, harrowing story about love, violence and the damage people can do. This novella is an empowering account of how one woman survived domestic abuse and kept her child safe.

‘I didn’t tell. For years I didn’t tell. And then I had to tell one person because I thought that if I didn’t talk about it, I was going to go mad. And then one person became two people, became three. But I didn’t tell them everything.

I remember my marriage in scenes. Sharp little memories slanting through my mind like splinters of ice. I’ll remember what I was wearing, how the room smelled, whether I was hot or cold. I remember what he said and what he did to me. The memories come up from inside and engulf me sometimes, like a storm. And then it’s gone just as quickly as it came.’

Available as a paperback and an eBook.

Virtually Me – Your manifesto for online life

You are in charge of what you do.
You are in charge of how you feel.
You are in charge of how you communicate.

Virtually Me helps you lead your best online life. Read this book and figure out your own personal policy on what’s OK for you to do online…and what’s not.

What should be made public? What should be kept private?
How do you keep yourself safe online?
How do you handle awkward online situations?
How can you use the internet in creative, inspiring ways?

Read this book. Create your personal Manifesto – your plan for life online AND offline.
Express yourself with joy and kindness – to yourself and others.

WARNING: This book is seriously powerful.

That Was Now – A mindful journal

The present moment is the moment you have now. And really, it’s the only moment you ever have.

‘Now’ can only be recognized fleetingly before it slips into the past. This journal helps you develop mindfulness techniques to become fully present every moment. And the more you practice mindfulness, the parts of your life you find challenging will become easier.

By focusing on affirmations, intent, gratitude and what your senses experience, That Was Now gives you an opportunity to transform the way you think and feel.

Be prepared to become your happiest self, living every moment to the fullest, joyous max.

This Book Stinks

This Book Stinks is for daring explorers who love stretching their minds. It’s an activity book made especially for holiday backpacks. With a new activity on every page, holidays will never be the same again. Dip in and out, fill it in completely randomly and by the end of your holiday you’ll have a crazy scrapbook type memory book thing.

Trust us, you’ll love it.

Warning: once completed, this book will probably smell.

A book for children, aged 8 -12

You Are Here – A mindful travel journal

“No-one has ever seen this place in the same way you’re seeing it right now, right here, in this moment.”

You Are Here is a travel journal that takes you on your own internal voyage of discovery. By using simple mindfulness techniques you’ll find ways to develop a happy, peaceful mind.

Many people buy a beautiful notebook to take on holiday. For some, the emptiness of all those pages is daunting. You Are Here guides you through a rich variety of exercises designed to help you thoroughly enjoy your gap year, city break, odyssey, holiday-of-a-lifetime, ‘find yourself’ journey or weekend away. You’ll use fresh, creative thinking to save a memory on every page.

Every moment is precious. Every moment is unique. Use this journal to live each moment to the max.

Emma’s Book Reviews

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“Every time I travel, I search for a new journal to write down my memories. I search the internet, I search shops, and I always end up buying a cheap note pad from the supermarket as all I ever find is expensive, hard back travel journals that are essentially… just a cheap note pad. Now that I have my You are Here- a mindful travel journal I will never need to look anywhere else! It’s simply brilliant.”
Shelly Smith – You are Here fan
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“Intensely funny…excellent! Very well aimed at the age group. Intensely funny and chattily written and well presented. Great, clear comic illustrations, especially the icons and splashes of colour. Overall great for the age group, fun, chatty and generally excellent.”
Cavan Booth, age 12 – This Book Stinks
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“I was delighted when Virtually Me arrived on my desk. What I love about this book that it encourages kids to think for themselves, and asks intelligent coaching questions, which perhaps will make them dig deeper and ponder the role technology plays in their lives. It certainly made me think twice….This is a brilliant book!”
Psychologies Magazine
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“Joe aged 13, told me he liked the layout of the book as he doesn’t really enjoy reading, so the interactive design with lots of boxes and space appealed to him. He liked the fact that it made him think about his screentime. The book ends with pages for readers to write their manifesto about how they want to manage their online life and how they wish to share this. With so much being written and considered about teens and screens, this book could be a useful addition to any discussion.”
Juno Magazine


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