This Book Stinks

This Book Stinks is for daring explorers who love stretching their minds. It’s an activity book made especially for holiday backpacks. With a new activity on every page, holidays will never be the same again. Dip in and out, fill it in completely randomly and by the end of your holiday you’ll have a crazy scrapbook type memory book thing.

Trust us, you’ll love it.

Warning: once completed, this book will probably smell.

A book for children, aged 8 -12

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“Fab book, my eight year old son loved it!”
Amazon reviewer – This Book Stinks
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Amazon reviewer – This Book Stinks
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“Intensely funny…excellent! Very well aimed at the age group. Intensely funny and chattily written and well presented. Great, clear comic illustrations, especially the icons and splashes of colour. Overall great for the age group, fun, chatty and generally excellent.”
Cavan Booth, age 12 – This Book Stinks

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