Virtually Me – Your manifesto for online life

You are in charge of what you do.
You are in charge of how you feel.
You are in charge of how you communicate.

Virtually Me helps you lead your best online life. Read this book and figure out your own personal policy on what’s OK for you to do online…and what’s not.

What should be made public? What should be kept private?
How do you keep yourself safe online?
How do you handle awkward online situations?
How can you use the internet in creative, inspiring ways?

Read this book. Create your personal Manifesto – your plan for life online AND offline.

Express yourself with joy and kindness – to yourself and others.

WARNING: This book is seriously powerful.

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“I was delighted when Virtually Me arrived on my desk. What I love about this book that it encourages kids to think for themselves, and asks intelligent coaching questions, which perhaps will make them dig deeper and ponder the role technology plays in their lives. It certainly made me think twice….This is a brilliant book!”
Psychologies Magazine
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“Joe aged 13, told me he liked the layout of the book as he doesn’t really enjoy reading, so the interactive design with lots of boxes and space appealed to him. He liked the fact that it made him think about his screentime. The book ends with pages for readers to write their manifesto about how they want to manage their online life and how they wish to share this. With so much being written and considered about teens and screens, this book could be a useful addition to any discussion.”
Juno Magazine

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