It’s All Go

Emma has often collaborated with ‘funnyman colleague’ Rich Sweetman. They discovered a piece of animation software that was too good not to use for a comedy project.

Using the software they were able to create a dystopian, grey office-cum-studio that featured two heartbroken-looking androids who were unable to move properly. The resemblance to each of them was uncanny…

There’s a melancholy kind of horror underpinning these plaintive little films.

Emma and Rich wanted to write a series of peek-behind-the-curtain films they created that give a unique insight into everyday life in their studio.

Using eye-popping visual effects and stunning voiceover audio, these films – once watched – aren’t easily forgotten.

There are six gripping episodes, culminating in a steamy late night adult version, and the final moving episode, The Christmas Fancy Dress Ball.

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