Emma has always been able to do impressions. From an early age, she could unnerve her parents with scarily accurate soundalikes of family, friends, neighbours, people off the telly…

Doing an impression show was an inevitability.

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One sunny afternoon, Emma Clarke was watching Gladiator with her children. She discovered she could ‘do’ Russell Crowe saying “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius.” It was as if Russell Crowe was sat there with them, saying “My name is Maxiumus Decimum Meridius.”

That night, she discovered she could also do a spookily accurate Bill Nighy impression too but what to do with this material? Would Russell Crowe and Bill Nighy ever be in a plausible situation? Together?? And after all, Emma Clarke is a woman…

Her husband Dave said: “Emma, it’s just so unlikely.” And that’s basically how Unlikely began. A random chat on a random Monday about random stupid voices.

Emma wanted the episodes to be short and easy to consume, without the listening having to make a massive time commitment.

The introductions are voiced by Bob Lawrence and are produced by Iain Job at Production Job.

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