When We Got To The Seventh

Every story in When We Got To The Seventh is about what happens to the character when they arrive at their seventh thing…it could be a marriage, a planet, a house guest, a victim, an answerphone message – anything at all. The vibe is quirky, curious and unexpected.

​Every podcast episode tells a new story featuring a different character.

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Check out some scripts from the series and see how the soundscapes were written and created. Click the links below to download them:


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When We Got To The Seventh’ is an exceptional podcast series. From the melancholy of a lost world to the malevolence of an overpowering mother, the stories are captivating from the first second to the last. The production is also excellent supporting the narrative seamlessly but never overpowering it. Emma inhabits each character with total believability and the writing is crisp and concise so that you are hanging on every word. 5 stars – I cannot wait to hear more episodes.
Tim Nice – When We Got To The Seventh fan

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