You’ve gotta love a good hashtag

I’ve just done a radio interview with BBC Coventry and Warwickshire about life as a voiceover. Top larks. It actually ended up being a great chat with the presenter Vic Minett about French exchange students, biscuits and commodes. (Yes, really).

While Vic was playing a song, the producer asked me to record a quick promo for the programme’s Tea At Yours feature. (This is where Vic visits listeners’ actual houses, drinks actual tea and eats massive platefuls of custard creams). So I voiced it, adding the line “Get your mugs out for Vic” at the end. Since then, it’s become a memorable hashtag…

Great chats like this afternoon’s remind me just how much I love live broadcasting. I bloody love it. Makes a very refreshing change from being trapped inside my studio talking to myself all day. And hopefully we had a couple of listeners too!


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“Could you stop doing that funny pause, please?”

Extraordinary scripts

“i really want to be a voiceover, can you help me?”

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